Year 9 of the Garden of Eatin’!

Year 9 of the Garden of Eatin’!

For the 9th straight year, Bartlesville’s community garden is about to come alive. The Garden of Eatin’ is a community garden located on land owned by its sponsor, Bartlesville First Church, near the corner of Price Road and Madison. Each year the Garden of Eatin’ harvests thousands of pounds of fresh produce for local agencies that cook meals and give food to those in need. Volunteers help with the weekly community gardening but can also have their own smaller personal plots for home use. The Garden provides participants with tools, compost, water and expert advice.

The expert advice comes from a close association with the Washington County Master Gardeners’ program and the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. Many of the participants in the GOE are certified Master Gardeners. Those in the Master Gardening program earn qualified service hours when they work in the community beds as well as learning about cool and warm season crops, soil management, drip irrigation, pest control and Oklahoma proven varieties. In addition, the Garden of Eatin’ obtains high quality seedlings every year from the Master Gardeners’ annual plant sale, which will be held this April 20.

“We’re very excited about starting up our 9t year,” says Stan Mueller, volunteer coordinator for the Garden. “Last year we delivered over 4,500 pounds of fresh produce to local agencies, making it our second biggest year. We had very successful summer and fall crops.”

The GOE has its own natural water source by pumping water from a nearby pond into a holding tank and then using drip irrigation. Other activities and resources include beehives, milkweed for monarch butterflies, composting and activities for youth such as Boy Scouts and Mutual Girls Club.

            Upcoming events include the annual organizational meeting Feb 28 at 7 p.m. in the Bartlesville First Church Atrium.  Anyone can attend with no commitment. A Spring work day will be Saturday, March 2 from 9 a.m. to noon to prep the garden for cool season plantings which will occur in mid to late March.  So there you go – you can get your gardening fix, exercise, fresh air, learn something new and help the community all at the same time at the Garden of Eatin’. Volunteers are needed this year and it doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced or a new gardener.  Call or email Stan Mueller at 918-440-6027 or for more information.