Volunteering at the Church

Volunteering at the Church

There are always opportunities to help at the church and help is always needed and very much appreciated.

As of now, we need volunteers to help with operating lights, screens, and audio during the Sunday services. This would approximately be from 8:30 – 12:00 during both services on Sunday morning. You could help when needed, once a month, or as much as you want. This really helps us and would give you some good experience working with a team to execute a live production.
Contact Trae Brown if you are interested in helping.

Another way to help out would be by joining the Altared Worship Band. If you have the musical ability and are looking to serve as a part of the band we are always looking for interested musicians. Practices are Tuesday evenings at 6:30. 
Contact Madison Blaxton at 918-282-6032 if you are interested in joining.

The same goes for the Sanctuary Choir. If you want to serve by singing in the Sanctuary Choir and are available for Wednesday evening practices at 7:00pm, contact Celeste Barrett.

We need adults who are interested in helping out on Wednesday nights during Midweek. If you enjoy interacting with the Youth (high school or middle school) your help would be much appreciated. You would just need to spend time with them from 5-8pm on Wednesday evenings and bonus points if you would be willing or able to ride, or even drive, one of the church buses to help get everyone to and from Midweek Message.
Additionally, if you would like to help feed the Youth on Sunday mornings you can offer to make breakfast, bring some food or donate some money that would feed about 10-15 kids for Sunday Breakfast. 
Contact Cyndi Chamberlin if you would like to help.

Children’s Ministry is always looking for volunteers! If you would like to serve one Sunday or Wednesday a month, a month-long block of Wednesdays, or any combination of Sundays and/or Wednesdays as a teacher, shepherd, bus driver, or check-in helper, please let us know. The children in the church value time spent with caring adults, so please consider a way to spend time in service to our youngest members. Please contact Jena Barber if you’re interested in serving.