Simplifying Sunday Worship

Simplifying Sunday Worship

One of the lessons I heard repeatedly at the Leadership Institute at Church of the Resurrection this past September was the need for congregations to simplify; simplify schedules, processes, systems, etc. Simplifying our schedule is more than making things comfortable or less confusing for us.  It is more about making it easier for new people to find a time and place to make connections. A simplified schedule makes it more likely to build relationships with others if we aren’t always moving on to the next thing.

In March 2017, the Long-Range Planning Committee began to rethink how our worship experiences were scheduled.  The committee’s focus was on reaching a larger audience and making new disciples.  The long-range plan was aware that a change in times and staffing would need to be considered.

After at least two years of discussion with the Long-Range planning committee, church leadership, and staff, I feel this is the right time to return to two worship services. A traditional worship experience will begin at 9 a.m. and a Modern service at 11:15 a.m. Small groups will be held at 10 a.m.  I believe this decision will lead us into a more effective way of reaching new people and strengthening what we are doing in worship and small group settings.

This new modern service will be more than just contemporary music. Modern worship has also been named ancient-future worship or emerging worship. Modern worship is the intentional practice of molding together the richness of ancient church traditions with a current setting and context.  It is the effort to reform worship one element at a time. 

The goal for all our worship opportunities is a deeper connection to and intimacy with God and one another. Again, I believe this will help strengthen our worship experiences, small groups, and relationship building.  The official kick off Sunday will begin on January 13.

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, wrote “Deciding what you need to stop doing and following through on that decision is not a step backward.  It could be your biggest step forward this year.”

If you would like to visit about these changes, please contact me at the church or by email.

Your Senior Pastor, Dr. Greg Tener