Praying for the Church

Praying for the Church

We will soon be facing an important time in the life of our United Methodist Church. On February 23-26, a special General Conference session will be held in St. Louis, Mo. with the purpose of discerning the direction our church will go regarding the human sexuality questions we have debated over many years. We encourage every United Methodist in Oklahoma to be in prayer concerning this conference. We also have available a weekly devotion (written by Oklahoma leaders) that can supplement your prayer time. These resources can be found here or you can subscribe to them here.

Pray for Our Delegates

Below are the names representing Oklahoma’s General Conference Delegation. Please keep them in your prayers during the special called Conference, February 23-26.


  • Linda Harker
  • Joseph Harris
  • Bob Long
  • Jessica Seay Moffatt
  • Samuel Powers
  • Tom Harrison
  • Brian Bakeman

Clergy Alternates

  • Aaron Tiger
  • Wade Paschal
  • Matt Judkins
  • Jeff Jaynes
  • DA Bennett
  • Valerie Steele
  • Fuxia Want
  • Ray Crawford
  • Tish Malloy
  • Lesly Broadbent


  • Don Kim
  • Bill jUnk
  • Herschel Beard
  • Chuck Stewart
  • Janey Wilson
  • Aly Shahan

Laity Alternates

  • Sarah Nichols
  • Tom Junk
  • Barbara Perry
  • Kent Fulton
  • Cindy Hull
  • Briana Tobey
  • Earl Mitchell
  • Debra Davis
  • Reece Player
  • Ahnawake Dawson