Midweek Message

Midweek Message

Midweek Message will resume on Wednesday August 21. Each Wednesday begins with dinner at 5 p.m. (Cost is $5) followed by Small Groups at 6 p.m. We are excited to continue providing transportation for our youth and children’s programs. This fall semester the youth will explore prayer and our children will focus on Worship. Adult studies for this semester include:

A Disciples Path: Deepening Your Relationship with Christ and the Church

Have you ever had a sense that there ought to be more to being a member of the church than just attending worship making a pledge, and sitting on a committee? Whatever our religious background, most of us long for something more. We catch fleeting hints of a spiritual hunger for a deeper relationship with God. Wherever we are along the journey of faith, we are pestered by the realization that the church should not just be where we go, but who we are. If you feel like your life is leading you toward finding the answers to such questions as “How do I follow Jesus in a real and tangible way?”, “Where do I find practical steps that will lead me along my own pathway of discipleship?” , or “What differences does it make to live out my commitment to Christ through membership in The United Methodist Church?” then this class is for you! Participant Workbooks are $12.00 each. (August 21 – October 2)

Time Alongside God

Living a life of Tolerance, Acceptance and Gratitude (T.A.G.) can be a difficult process in today’s modern world. In this course we will examine three basic principles which dovetail the teachings of Jesus and the core of all 12-Step programs. These three principles have transformed the lives of millions who practice them regularly. The group will also compare and practice a few forms of relaxation/meditation which support and strengthen health and focus.  If you are interested in following a set of guiding principles and outlining a course of action for improved physical, mental and spiritual health, this class is for you. (August 21 – October 9)

The Lifeline

Calling all young adults, ages 19 – 30.  Whether you are single, married, have young children, or just a fluffy companion or two, this class is for you.  We will be examining life, and how to live together in Wesleyan accountability and fellowship with one another.  Let us be your lifeline to improved relationships, Christian accountability and good old-fashioned adult conversations and fun. (August 21 – December 11)

Messy People: Life Lessons from Imperfect Biblical Heroes

How many times have you dreaded an unexpected visitor when your home is untidy?  If only we could throw all life’s messiness under the bed or behind a closet door.  At some point our lives get messy.  Illness, conflict, depression, divorce, job loss…it happens, and when it does there’s nowhere to hide.  Thankfully God love us, despite our brokenness.  In fact, some of the messiest people in the Bible – Rahab, the Prodigal Son, Josiah, Mary, David and Daniel were used by God in powerful ways.  IN this six-week bible study for women, you’ll combine study of scripture with personal reflection, application, and prayer as you take a closer look at the lives of these biblical heroes and learn that you don’t have to endure a messy life, you can actually thrive. Participant Workbook $13.00. (August 21 – October 2)