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Thank You From Rev. Tari Carbaugh, Midweek Message, Education Programs by the Alzheimer’s Association, Student Ministry News: The Future Is Calling,Student Ministry News: Overnight Church Camps!, Student Ministry News: Thank You to Delphi Loyd and Janice Rogers!, Children Ministry News: Midweek Tonight!, Children Ministry News: Palm Sunday Fun Day,Children Ministry News: Summer Programs.


Lenten Devotional, Ash Wednesday Midweek Message, General Conference Update, Pajama Sunday, Student Ministry News: Thinking Egan, KID’S Ministry News: Midweek Tonight, KID’S Ministry News: Project Transformation!


General Conference Update, Midweek Message Canceled Tonight, Transfiguration Sunday, Fat Tuesday Celebration, Church Offices Are Taking a Sabbath, Ash Wednesday, Pajama Sunday, Student Ministry News: March Madness, KID’S Ministry News: Summer Day Camps, KID’S Ministry News: Children Being Good Stewards


Garden of Eaten’, Midweek Message, Worshiping all Together!, Student Ministry News: Boardwalk and Park Place, Kid’s Ministry News: Improving Children’s Safety


New Bible Study Starts Tonight!, Worshiping all Together, New to the Family, Missions Sunday, Student News: February of Faithfulness, KID’S News: KID’S in Worship, Kids First Chapel Fun!, OKUMC Newsletter


Praying and Praising as One, Midweek Message, Worship at First Church, Midweek Message Bible Study Starts February 6, New to the Family, Thank You! Garden of Eatin’, CONCERN Food pantry, Students: Midweek Message, Students: Upcoming Get Togethers!, KID’S:Midweek Message, TLC Animal Ministry Visit


Welcome to Our New Staff, Midweek Meal, Lenten Devotional Project, Directory 8×10 Photos Are In, New Bible Study Class Starts on February 6, Serving in Jesus’ Name: Missions Sunday, Jane Phillips Elementary School Supply Drive, CONCERN Food Pantry, Student News: Midweek Message, Welcome to Our New Director, KID’S News: Welcome to Our New Director, Amazon Smile, OKUMC Newsletter.


Healing Service TOMORROW!, Human Relations Day Is This Sunday, Church Offices Closed January 21, Directory 8×10 Photos Are In, Serving in Jesus’ Name: Agape Mission, CONCERN Food Pantry, Student Ministry News: Midweek Message, KID’S Ministry News: Your Gifts Are Needed!, Amazon Smile, OKUMC Newsletter


Midweek Message Starts Tonight!, Midweek Message Spring 2019, Simplifying Sunday Worship, Young Adult and Family Small Groups, January Sermon Series, Christmas Jar Results, Why is it Called Altared?, Serving in Jesus’ Name: Van Ministry, Jane Phillips Elementary School Supply Drive, Student Ministry News: Midweek Message, New Vending Machine, KID’S Ministry News: Midweek Message


New and Improved Cornerstone!, Burning the Mortgage on Sunday!, Simplifying Sunday Worship, Midweek Message Spring 2019, January Sermon Series, Serving in Jesus Name: Altared Praise Band, Serving in Jesus Name: Sight and Sound Ministry, Jane Phillips Elementary School Supply Drive, Student Ministry News: Midweek Message


Final Mailed Cornerstone!, Christmas Jars, Sunday Worship During the Holidays, Christmas Eve Services, Our Purpose is Love, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Midweek Message, Blessing Those Around Us, Presentation on Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Thank You From CONCERN, Help Feed the Hungry, Blue Christmas, Our Newest Members.


Farewell Bumgarner Family, International Christmas Market, Presentation on Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Night of Joy, Christmas Eve Services, Sunday Worship During the Holidays, Spreading Christmas Joy, Watching Our Figures – September, Watching Our Figures – October, United Methodist Women, We are Burning the Mortgage, Say Cheese, Cornerstone Evolution.


Cornerstone Evolution, FAITH5, Bee a Honey and Donate some Money, International Christmas Market, Garden of Eatin’, Laity Corner, Thanks-Living, We are Burning the Mortgage, United Methodist Student Day, Say Cheese, Make a Difference in a Family’s Life This Christmas!


Welcome Jane Deere!, Serving Outside These Walls, Directory Photo Time!, Laity Corner, Agape Mission, Harvest of Hope, Reaching for Wholeness, We are Burning the Mortgage!, Methodist Fun Fact!, Spreading the Love of Jesus Christ.


Fall Festival, Jane Phillips Pumpkin Patch Field Trips, Fall Break Camp, Trunk or Treat, Laity Corner, The Mask You Live In, Serving Outside These Walls, Harvest of Hope, Reaching for Wholeness, Watching Our Figures – August, Amazon Smile, A Service of Healing, Midweek Message, Lines From the Library, Help Feed the Hungry.


A Discussion on the Future, Fall Festival, Pumpkins, Kids, and Fun!, Family Campout, Memorials, You Came Into Prison and you Visited Me, Faith Five Fires, Trunk or Treat, Pumpkins Galore!


Pumpkins Galore!, Kids Learning to Love Service!, Midweek Message, Creed, A Service of Healing, Laity Corner, OKUMC Invites All to Witness Discussion, Family Campout, Faith Five Fires, Fall Festival, Trunk or Treat, Serving Bartlesville, Hour of Prayer, You Came Into Prison and You Visited Me.


Community Care Week Thank You!, Shop Amazon Smile, Youth, Children, and Parental Aspirations, Blended Worship on Sept. 2, Watching Our Figures, Laity Corner, United Methodist Women, Children and Youth in Worship, Two Wheeled Therapy, Senior Adult Trip, Serving Bartlesville, Garden of Eatin’, Kids Learning to Love Service!


Midweek Message, Feeding the Body and the Spirit, Rise Against Hunger, Laity Corner, Midweek Menu, Memorials & Honorarium, Sunday Children’s Ministry Revised, Club 456 Returns, Family Camp Out, Help Feed the Hungry, Help First Church Make a Difference This School Year!


Record Breaking Summer, Restored, Romper Needs You!, Watching Our Figures – June, Youth Summer Bucket List, Laity Corner, United Methodist Women, Help Feed the Hungry, Alzheimer’s/Dementia Support Group, Mutual Tuesday House, Push Pay, Amazon Smile, Horses Are Hungry


Rolling River Rampage, Restored, What a Journey it has Been, Help Feed the Hungry, Learning Together for the Transformation of the World, Columbarium Completed, Spread the Love of Jesus Christ, Horses are Hungry, Listening Tour, Honoring Those we Love, Thank you for all you do!, Taking Over Facebook, Mutual Tuesday House, Save the Date: Many Mini Mission


Listening Tour, Youth Summer Activities, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Project Transformation Need, Church Offices Closed: Independence Day, Remember the Church in Your Will, Celebrating With Love, Altar Flowers, Animal Ministry, Community Care Week: July 23-27, Watching Our Figures, Letters to Campers, Thank You Project Transformation Volunteers


New Senior Pastor Diving In, Letters to Campers, Flower Bed Volunteers Needed, Vacation Bible School, Garden of Eatin’ Needs You!, Memorials: March and April, Animal Ministry Meeting, Celebrating With Love, Altar Flowers, Serving Lunch With Christ’s Love, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Project Transformation and Kanisa Camp are in Full Swing!


Thank You Dr. Kevin Tully For 10 Great Years, Youth Summer Save the Dates, Mowing Volunteers Needed, VBS Save the Date, Letters to Campers, Animal Ministry: How You Can Help, UMW Invite You to Tour Mutual Girls Club New Facility. You’re Invited to Celebrate, Agape – Serving Lunch With Christ’s Love, Annual Conference, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Our Newest Members, Amazon Smile


Our Graduating Seniors: High School Graduates Of 2018, Watching Our Figures – April, Midweek End of Year Celebration, Project Transformation: How You Can Help, Concern Food Pantry Needs, CPR and First Aid Training, Jane Phillips Elementary Super Kids Day, UMW Invite You to Tour Mutual Girls Club New Facility, You’re Invited to Celebrate, Mutual Tuesday House, Church Office Closed On Monday, May 28, Mowing Volunteers Needed


Project Transformation: How You Can Help, Jane Phillips Elementary Super Kids Day, Project Transformation Summer Jobs Still Available!, End of Year Celebration, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Agape Mission, UMW Invite You to Tour Mutual Girls Club New Facility, CPR And First Aid Training, Box Tops Collection, Church Office Closed On Monday, May 28, Our Newest Members


Teacher Walk Out Camp, Current Sermon Series, Spring Clean Up and Operation Clean House, Watching Our Figures – March, See the Magnificent Cities of Central and Eastern Europe, Overnight Summer Camps at Camp Egan and Camp Wow, Project Transformation and Kanisa Camps, Project Transformation Summer Jobs Still Available, Safety and Security Changes, You’re Invited, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Upcoming Charge Conference, Our Newest Members


Our New Pastor, Upcoming Sermon Series: Committed, Stages of Faith, Family Campout Canceled, Easter Lily Dedications, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Palm Sunday Fun-Day


Palm Sunday Fun-Day, Holy Week Services, Easter Sunday, Women’s Silent Retreat, Divine Film Club, Watching Our Figures – February, Memorials, Church Missions Project, Project Transformation and Kanisa Camps, Boy Scout Chili Supper Fund-Raiser, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Stages of Faith, All Church Family Campout


Palm Sunday Fun-Day, Order Your Easter Lilies Today, Changing the World, Spring Break Camp 2018, What Do You Care About?, Legend of The Donkey Cross, Donkey Hikes, Save The Date for Camp, Project Transformation and Kanisa Camps, Many Mini Missions, Feed Those Kids, Agape Mission – A Fun Place to Serve!, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Pancakes with The Pastors


Midweek Class: The Shroud of Turin Beginning Feb. 28, Order Your Easter Lilies Today, Pancakes with The Pastors, Save The Date for Camp, Spring Break Camp 2018, Watching Our Figures – January, Memorial Gifts, Garden of Eatin’ Plots Available, Easter And Lenten Studies in The Library, Jane Phillips Bingo Night Volunteers Needed, United Methodist Women Program, Church Women United: World Day of Prayer, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Donkey Hikes, Divine Film Club


Join Us for Missions Sunday, Feb. 11, The Shroud of Turin, Christmas Jars Results, Ashes on the Go, Jane Phillips Elementary School Supply Drive, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Let’s All Get on The Same Page, And Another Thought, Club 456 Bible Lock In, Pancakes with The Pastors, Garden of Eatin’


Midweek Resumes, The Gospel of Mark Bible Study, Time and Values Management, Jane Phillips School Supplies, First Ladies Book Club, New Year, New Sermon Series, Can’t Make It to Worship?, Oklahoma Volunteers In Mission Training, Early Response Team Training, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Directories Are Here


Christmas At Bartlesville First Church, First Church Angel Tree, Christmas Jazz Sunday, BHS Jazz Choir, International Christmas Market, Christmas Camp, Christmas Jars, Alzheimer’s/Dementia Support Group, Agape Mission – A Fun Place to Serve, Meet the Staff: Robert Stubbs, Divine Film Club, The Santa Shop at Jane Phillips Elementary: Volunteers Needed, Push Pay, Support Us When You Shop This Holiday Season, A Night of Joy


Debt Retirement Exceeds Expectations, Midweek Classes, Retirees: Do You Know About This Win-Win?, Divine Film Club, Thanks-Living Camp, The Santa Shop at Jane Phillips Elementary, Mutual Tuesday House, Youth Confirmation Meals, Third Quarter Memorials, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Concern Seeking Volunteers, Church Women United Annual Meeting and Tea, Flower Delivery Volunteers Needed, Tai Chi Schedule Change, Library Notes


Bartlesville First Church Donates to The Jane Phillips Elementary Playground, Midweek Classes, Kids First Trick or Treat, Children’s Pumpkin Party, Pumpkin Patch, Trunk or Treat, Divine Film Club, Youth Confirmation Meals, Meet the Staff: CJ Shell, Children’s Ministry Associate, Harvest of Hope Benefit for Concern, Concern Seeking Volunteers, Concern Food Pantry Needs, UMCOR Cleaning Bucket Assembly, Website Launch, Push Pay, Church Women United World Community Day, Toole Tyme


Meet the Staff: Callie Rivera, Director of Children’s Music, Hurricane Help, Midweek Classes, Divine Film Club, Pumpkin Patch, Jane Phillips Elementary, Many Mini Missions, It’s Official, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Fall Festival, Fall Break Camp, Church Women United, Wheels to Work


Director of Children and Family Ministries, Midweek, Pumpkin Patch, Agape Mission, United Methodist Women Meeting, United Methodist Women Circle Meetings, CPR/First Aid Training, First Church Honors Teachers, Pray for Schools in September, Check-In to Church, Mutual Girls Club Now Hiring, Box Tops Collection, Concern Food Pantry Needs


Simply Lavender Ladies Retreat, Divine Film Club, Midweek Resumes, Midweek for Children and Youth, Mutual Girls Club Enrollment Now Open, Divine Film Club, United Methodist Women, Corrections to May Memorials, Community Care Week Thank You, Jane Phillips Elementary School, Reading Volunteers Needed, Library Memorials, What Is Charge Conference?, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Project Transformation and Kanisa Camp, Vacation Bible School


Register Today for Vacation Bible School, Ice Cream Social, Jane Phillips News August 2017, Simply Lavender Women’s Retreat, Pack the Backpacks, Life Happens, Alzheimer’s/Dementia Support Group, Calling All Engineers, Great Need, Great Possibility, Great Solar Eclipse Of 2017, Strengthening Families


First Church Bids Farewell to Laura Painchaud, Project Transformation Snacks Needed, All Church Potluck, Canoe Family Night, Memorials, Alzheimer’s/Dementia Support Group, Children’s and Family Ministry Director, Circle of Care Boys’ Ranch Volunteers In Mission Trip, Simply Lavender Women’s Retreat, Vacation Bible School: Hero Central, Vacation Bible School Volunteers Needed, Great Solar Eclipse Of 2017, Art with Hart, Our Newest Members


Father’s Day and Dixieland Sunday, Celebrate with Sharing Love, Great Solar Eclipse Of 2017, Canoe Family Nights, Letters to Campers, Project Transformation Reading Volunteers, Pick Up a Good Book This Summer, Alzheimer’s/Dementia Support Group, A Letter from Colleen Runty, Pastor of Oak Park United Methodist Church, Oklahoma United Methodist Annual Conference Awards, Welcome Summer Staff, Community Blood Drive


Kanisa Camp: The Greatest Summer Adventure in Bartlesville, Project Transformation Snack Drive, Thank You for The Life Jackets, First Friday Pool Parties, Community Care Week, Midweek Celebration, Concern Child Learning Center, April Memorials, Circle of Care Special Offering, Circle of Care Volunteer In Mission Trip, United Methodist Women Luncheon and Program, Agape Mission – A Fun Place to Serve, Alzheimer’s/Dementia Support Group, Concern Food Pantry Needs


Project Transformation, Community Care Week, Jane Phillips Elementary Super Kids Day, First Friday Pool Parties, Art with Hart, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Memorials, You Need To Sing!, U.S. Post Office Stamp Out Hunger Drive, Twin Beds for Summer, Donkey Block Party


Palm Sunday at Bartlesville First Church, Community Care Week, Donkey Block Party, Ladies Breakfast, Easter Lily Dedications, Child and Youth Size Life Vests Wanted!


Register for Summer Camp, Holy Thursday Service, Good Friday Service, Family Worship on Easter Sunday, Can’t Make It to Worship? We’ll Come to You!, Midweek Class – Baptism Before John the Baptist, Agape Mission – A Fun Place to Serve, Circle of Care Boys’ Ranch Workday, Jane Phillips Elementary Super Kids Day, Feed Those Kids, Alzheimer’s/Dementia Support Group, Box Tops Collection, Mutual Tuesday House


Egg Stuffers Wanted!, Palm Sunday Participants Wanted!, Holy Week Services, Traditional Egg Hunt, 1st – 5th Grade Nautical Easter Egg Hunt, Symbols of Lent Fair, Easter Lilies, Easter Sunday, Missions Report to Church Council, Concern Food Pantry Needs, Church Council Adopts All-church Goals, Midweek Class – Baptism Before John the Baptist, Alzheimer’s Support Group, Family Campout


The Historical Jesus, Alzheimer’s Support Group, Save the Date for Camp, Tulsa Day Trip, Jane Phillips Elementary Testing


Join us for Missions Sunday, Feb. 26, Tai Chi Beginners Class, Mary Martha Outreach, Tulsa Day Trip, Calling All Gardeners, Pajama Sunday, Spring Break Camp, Sunday Connection Group, MUTUAL Tuesday House Volunteers Needed, First Ladies Meeting


‘Mardi Bra’ Party, Boys’ Breakfast and Tea with Tari, Missions Sunday is Feb. 26, Kairos Prison Ministries Weekend, Senior Adult Field Trip


Spaghetti Lunch Fundraiser, Many Mini Missions, Worship Arts Music, Community Blood Drive, Art with Hart, Daughters of Lot Breakfast


The Bible and Its Message, Get to Know Your Bible Lock-in